Sunday, 11 October 2009

New To Metal Detecting

New To Metal Detecting

OK, so after reading the story in the paper about the guy that found all that old Anglo Saxon gold in Staffordshire, UK, thought to be worth a few million it got me thinking. All the old places i go to walking my dog that have probably never been metal detected, why don't i buy a metal detector and give it a go..I have always been interested in discovering things. And the thought of finding old things that might be worth money was enough to make me go out and buy a metal detector.

I had been reading about the Garrett Ace 250 for a while before i bought one. Mostly all the reviews were good. So i took the plunge and bought one off eBay. It came with Free coil cover, free Garrett Headphones, 2 year warranty, and i also got a free coins book because the eBay seller took the P*SS with the delivery and ended up dropping the Ace 250 to my house in person! I was angry at this and felt like leaving negative feedback, but i thought to myself, well, i got it in the end. Im still not sure whether to leave bad feedback or not..I'm thinking maybe i shouldn't beings that i would have to send the detector back under warranty if anything goes wrong with it, and if i left them bad feedback they might be funny about me returning it, or they might take the P*SS sorting it out because of the bad feedback.

Anyway, i have been out a few times with the Garrett 250 and i must say, it's a superb little machine!. It's very sensitive. I have not found anything of value yet but from what i have found, i can tell that if there was anything valuable to find - the Garrett Ace 250 would of found it. I have found lots of junk and a few weird looking items. Locks, battered coins, something that looks like a nut cracker, a fair few keys, a car ignition barrel and lots more junk like foil, can etc. But i do think it's only a matter of time before i find something of value. I think the more i get used to the Garrett the more i will find. I have only been out with it a few times so a lot of learning ahead yet.

I can't wait till the next time i go out metal detecting. I am addicted to it already!.

Will keep you posted on my adventures and any finds i get.


Anonymous said...

me tooo

tom said...

the ace 250 is a great detector. novice or pro. I have a whites prism v and an ace 250. both very good.

Anonymous said...

I am also new to metal detecting. I bought the ace 250 as well. it seemed like the right one to get. the best all rounder for the newbie.

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