Saturday, 18 August 2012

Modified Whites Classic III SL Air Test

Check out the depth of this guys modified White's Classic III metal detector. He has modified it by adding a manual ground balance and threshold and also a depth booster. Not sure if he carried out the modifications himself or sent the detector to that Mr. Bill guy who is known for modding detectors on the metal detector forums but wow. Over a foot deep on a 1 pound coin!. Those coin depths are very impressive and right up there with the much more up to date and very expensive machines of today. Whites Classic III Metal Detectors are very cheap to buy second hand, add those modifications and you have an excellent deep seeking, solid metal detector. I want one.


Anonymous said...

good video

josh said...

Can any older whites detector be modified?

PMF said...

Hi, yes I think so. As long as you know what your doing or get someone who does to do the work for you. I wish there was a mod to make the CS1MX super powerful.

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