Thursday, 7 January 2010

Too Cold Outside To Hunt

Too Cold Outside To Hunt

It is absolutely freezing here, the weather has gone from bad to worse. The roads are like an ice rink. More snow has been forecast overnight, tomorrow, and throughout the weekend. Needless to say, metal detecting is on the back burner until the weather gets a lot better.

The snow is around 5 inches deep here. The temperature tonight is minus -10, some places are even colder at minus -15! All the snow that hasn't turned to ice already will do tonight. Millions of people are off work, and off school in the UK. Because the UK isn't used to snow, when it comes theres total chaos! The whole country comes to a halt, people are even out panic buying from the shops..There's no food left on the shop shelves lol.


Anonymous said...

operating temperature of the it ok working at -10?

PMF said...

Hi, yes the Garrett Ace 250 will work in cold weather, including the snow. It's just going to be a pretty wet outing, so maybe the cover for the operating box would be a good item for you to buy. The coil is water proof and can work underwater - that's what it says on the DVD anyway.

If it's just cold and not snowing, you will probably experience some blurring and some slightly slowing down of the ace250 operating screen functions, which is normal for any electronic system being used in cold weather. I have used mine at around minus -8 and that's what happened to mine. But afterwards it was fine.

Goodluck - and happy hunting..Wrap up warm!


polANDIC said...

-50 operating temperature.............

q said...

ace250 is a wonderboy all rounder

Anonymous said...


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