Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Just Ordered A C-Scope CS 1MX Detector

Just Ordered A C-Scope CS 1MX Detector

I have been without a metal detector for a little while now. I sold my Garrett Ace 250 a few months ago on eBay, so Ive been eager to buy a new metal detector and get out there and have a look around. At one stage I had £250 to spend on a new or used Metal detector but due to money getting tight again that budget dropped to about £150. So, what metal detector can you buy for £150? Not many to be honest. I knew for that money I would have to get one second hand from eBay. But from watching many auctions come and go, even the used detectors on eBay were going for more then that, the decent ones anyway.

So I kept looking and looking, and finally I came across the C-Scope CS 1MX. This detector is £159 brand new, plus it comes with a 5 year guarantee! Reviews of the machine are rare, but with what reviews there are, they are all very good. It has about 8 - 10 inches depth max and runs at 17 KHz. I was looking at buying a used Tesoro or Laser from eBay but they go for at least £120+ and although they are very reliable machines they are still very old. Well, the ones I could afford anyway! (1990's) and could get a problem within a few weeks of buying one.. And from what Ive read (almost the whole Internet!) they get around the same depth as the CS1MX but may be better amongst the iron infested sites. I would rather play it safe and get a brand new machine with a 5 year guarantee. I know it's not an E-Trac but it is said to be an excellent machine for the price and that's good enough for me. Very simple to use also, just turn on and go!

I'm just waiting for it to arrive. Can't wait to have a look around some of my old sites. Stay tuned.


CS1MX said...

Where for that price said...

cs1mx-bargain said...

Now down to £150

Sean said...

Brilliant find mate. On eBay the 1MX is like £180 - £199. Subtech is the best price on the net for 1MX.

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