Sunday, 15 January 2012

First Hunt With The CS1MX

First Hunt With The CS1MX

Went out for the first time with my new C- Scope CS1MX. It performed pretty good. I went to two sites that I used to go to with my Ace 250. It did feel a bit strange not having a screen to look at. Both these sites are a nightmare for trash, so although I was a little annoyed at the amount of trash I was digging with the CS1MX, I had to remind myself that I was exactly the same when I had the Ace 250 over at the same sites.

The main problem seemed to be ground mineralisation. It fooled the CS1MX quite a few times, giving me really good signals only to be met with nothing but mineralised soil. And the CS1MX can't discriminate foil, not without missing good targets anyway, so that was a bit annoying also. Once it got on to cleaner ground though it worked really well. In a spot where I had previously been over numerous times with the Ace 250 I had some good signals, which ended up being a 10 Pence coin and a broken bullet. My best find of the day was a musket ball found about 8 inches deep. Never found a musket ball before so it was a nice thing to find, and it shows that the site does have some history that dates back further then the second world war, because I seem to find mostly bullets from WWII at these sites.

Kynoch Bullet Shell

Finds For The Day

Musket Ball

Overall I'm happy with the CS1MX, although it would be nice if the discrimination was a little better. But everything else is good, and no detector is perfect, even the ones costing a small fortune. Ive only been out with it once so can't judge it fully yet. After more time spent using the machine I'm sure I'll learn to identify the sounds better and be digging less junk after a while. For the price it's a very good metal detector.

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spike said...

I have a 1mx and it performs well. Very lightweight - switch on and go machine. But if I have to choose just one of my machines it has to be the old trusty tesoro eldorado.

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