Monday, 2 November 2015

I Sold My C-Scope CS1MX Metal Detector

I'm Detectorless! After not being able to get out metal detecting for a while due to having too much other stuff going on, I decided to sell my C-Scope CS1MX Metal Detector. It was just sitting there month after month so I thought I'd sell it and get another one in the future. A better one. Although I haven't had much time to get out and detect, another thing that has stopped me is lack of detecting permissions and new land to detect on.

I suppose you could say, well you gotta get out there and knock on doors, make new contacts, join detecting clubs etc. But I haven't had even the time to get out and metal detect on ground that's free to detect on without permissions. And it takes even more time and effort to do the rest of the things I mentioned, like knock on farm owners doors, join clubs etc. No excuses though, I need to put more effort in, but free time is rare lately.

Maybe that will change in the future. But anyway, I sold my metal detector on eBay and got £117 for it. Not bad I suppose beings that I paid about £150 for it brand new and had a good few years of use out of it. Would I buy another CS1MX? Probably not to be honest. I'd like to give something else a try next time. Maybe an older Minelab or Tesoro will be next for me. One things for definite, I have not lost interest in metal detecting.

There have been a few news reports here in the UK over the past few months where people have had some unbelievable finds. Mostly the finds have been hoards of roman / medieval coins. But there was also a gold coin find. Treasure is out there! Even talking about it make me want to buy a new metal detector! I will be back with a new (old) one soon. As mentioned, I love the old Minelab's and Tesoro's so might buy one of them next. Stay tuned and happy hunting.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Modified White's Classic II SL Air Test

Checkout the depths a modified White's Classic II can potentially achieve. He added a ground balance and threshold to the detector. White's Classic II's can be bought for a really cheap price so if you have some knowledge on how to modify metal detectors, or know someone who could do it for you it makes sense to buy one. I mean, 13 inches on a Twenty pence coin! 15 Inches deep on a 2p coin, and 17 Inches on a 2 Pound coin. And not forgetting a Foot deep on a Gold Ring! Wow! Can the detectors costing upwards of £700 detect similar items that deep? Very impressive depths for such an old detector.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Metal Detecting Forums List

There are many good metal detecting websites out there that offer lots of useful information for all types of metal detectorists, from beginners to advanced users. There's lot's to learn no matter what level you are at. Some websites show there finds and detecting adventures, while others focus on reviewing metal detectors an accessories.

However, for finding out specific information, keeping yourself updated on the latest metal detecting news and story's, and also for connecting with fellow metal detectorists you can't beat forums. They are filled with all the information you should ever need. This is why I thought of making a list of all the good metal detecting forums on the Internet.  I don't know them all, but I know a fair few. Do you know of any others not in the list, or want your forum listed here, just let me know by posting a comment.

Please Note: There are a few metal detector forums out there that require you to pay money to be a member. They will not be listed here. Forums should be free to use for everyone. I'm sure Ive left out loads of good forums so please feel free to point them out and I'll get them listed. This is a work in progress.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Man Finds Roman Coin Hoard With Ace 150

A man who was a complete beginner to metal detecting went into a metal detector shop looking to buy his first metal detector. He didn't want to spend much being new to the hobby so the shops staff recommended a Garrett Ace 150. He bought the Ace 150 and off he went.

The man returned to the shop with 40 Solidi Gold Roman coins and asked "What do I do with this".  How about that for luck. The shops staff got all the necessary permits and permissions and went back to the site with archeologist's to conduct a professional dig of the area, which is located near St. Albans, UK. They found over 100 more Solidi Roman Gold coins. The find is said to be worth around £100,000 GBP.

Talk about location! It just goes to show, location means a hell of a lot when it comes to metal detecting. Also, Never underestimate the "Entry level" machines. Most, like the Garretts and C-Scopes are very capable of finding valuable items.

Read more about this find.

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