Sunday, 24 October 2010

Old Metal Button Finds

Old Metal Button Finds

Recently, I have yet again been back to some of my old sites. One site in particular, which the last time I went to had been fenced off. Well, this time the fence was open so I went over there and had another look around. It's a wooded area that's now being developed into some kind of walkway..It looks as though there wouldn't be much junk in this area with it being a derelict woods, but surprisingly, there was a fair amount.

Anyway, I did manage to find some old metal buttons. I have found an old button at this site before. This time I found 3. I think this site used to have houses or buildings of some kind built on it many years ago, as I have dug up what look like footings to a building. And with all the buttons I have found, all different in appearance, there must of been people living on this site at some stage.

The button on the left in the picture below is made by Hyam & Co. I can just make the writing out. After researching Hyam & Company I found out that Hyam & Co were a clothes manufacturer in the 1800's, based on Oxford Street in the UK. They have a boys suit on display in the museum of childhood, which was made by Hyam & Co.

I'm not sure about the other two buttons, but they must be fairly old. Specially the button on the right. It does have some writing on but it's very hard to read. I can just about read the word "Gilt". The button in the middle has no writing or marks.

I have been reading about certain places near to where I live. Some of the areas were Celtic settlements. I went over to one site just down the road from where I live, but it is so overgrown with stinging nettles and blackberry bushes that it's impossible to do any metal detecting there. I can't even walk over there without getting tangled in the bushes. The ground cannot be seen. It never used to be like this, as the area used to be looked after by the council, but over the past few years they have disowned it.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

I found the same button as the one you have on the right. I found it in Branchburg NJ, USA on a farm. It's very hard to read the back of the button, but with a magnifying glass it says SCOVILLS on the top and TREBLE GILT round the bottem. I can't see anything on the front of the button. said...

Hi, yes the front of mine is plain. That's interesting that you found the same button because I'm in the UK, so the company that made the buttons or clothing must of been pretty big dealing with UK and USA.

After doing a quick search it looks like they were well known for military clothing buttons.

The buttons date back as far as 1840 right up to 1960.

Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi there I found a button same as the one on the right in your picture plain featureless face with some stuff on the rear a sort of arrow or v on its side going round the edge some letters in middle and outer edge like you i made out what looks like G 1 L T havent finished trying to read rest yet.I live in UK. South Wales near the Severn bridge. cheers all did George the first have any buttons like these? just a thought. (G 1 L T)POSS a Lieutenant in George firsts army?)

PMF said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if it could have something to do with George 1st. I always thought it was probably a makers / company name of some kind. Im in the West Midlands by the way

Anonymous said...

yes your prob right my eyesights not what it used to be, funny thing Ifound a bronze roman coin in the same field and a musket ball.

PMF said...

Would love to find something Roman. I'm yet to find anything that old. I need some new hunting sites I think

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