Monday, 14 December 2009

Old Metal Button Find

Ground Detector Blog: Old Metal Button Find

Was back at my new site, which has become the only place i have been metal detecting for a few weeks now. I decided to metal detect a part of this woods that i haven't checked yet. I found quite a few items, most were just pieces of Iron and different metals. I did find an old penknife that looked like something from the 1960's, but when i took it home i could not clean it, it had corroded too badly, so i chucked it away.

While i was still in the woods i came accross a signal that was erradic! It was about 4 inches deep, and after digging up the dirt i could not find the item, even though it was somewhere in the dug up dirt. I eventually found the item, and it was an old metal button. It looks like it's off an old item of clothing from the 1800's or early 1900's.

Old Metal Button Front

Old Metal Button Back
It says "Superior Quality" on the back

Here is the area where i found the button

Until the next time..


federer said...

cool little find-looks old

Anonymous said...

Victorian clothes button

O L E said...

get back to that site bud, if theres a button there could be more stuff.

gfg said...

thats an old button

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