Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Latest Metal Detector Find

I went back to my once new, but now usual metal detecting site today. I decided to metal detect where I found that old metal button. Had some good signals that turned out to be junk. Things like ring pulls, bits of foil etc. But after a while i had the coin signal! So I started digging, not very deep, about 4 inches, and out came a coin.

The coin was so dirty that i couldn't see what it was, but I knew it was a coin. I couldn't find out what type it was until I got home because i didn't have any water to clean the coin. All the way home i was hoping it would be a very rare, or very old coin..

Once i got home and cleaned the coin it turned out to be a big One Penny Dated 1948. I have to be honest, i was disappointed. I expected it to be very old because i found it near the spot where i found the old metal button. I suppose I should be happy with it, it's a coin, and it's old enough. I raised my hopes too high i think, driving home hoping it would be a really special find, but it wasn't to be. I will definitely be going back to the same spot in a few days.

One Penny Coin Find

Here is the spot where i found the One Penny Coin


Anonymous said...

good condition coin

cod said...

great find

tommo1212 said...

where is this area you found this coin? or is that a silly question. lol do u want to keep it a secret?

PMF said...

Tommo: Im in West Midlands UK, thats all i'll say for now lol

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