Friday, 11 December 2009

Metal Detecting In The UK

Considering how much history we have here in the UK, because of it being so old, I would say it is a great country to be metal detecting in. Take for instance the USA, it's only a few hundred years old. The UK is thousands of years old, just think of how many items,from coins, to gold, silver and everything else in between can get lost in thousands of years..There must be so much out there.

Research is an important part of sucessful metal detecting, no matter what country your in. Knowing what used to be on a particular piece of land, or what the land was used for in the past is extremely valuble information, and also very time saving. If you know what your doing, you can unearth some very good, and most probably valuable finds.

Reading the history books in your local library on the area your thinking about metal detecting can tell you a lot. Not forgeting the internet, which is possibly the best and most easiest method of finding out about old buildings, old grounds etc.

Of course, sometimes it's nice to just take a punt and metal detect in an unknown spot because you never know what you might find. You could get lucky just about anywhere.

I told someone the other day that i was into metal detecting, and that someone mentioned a place called Fosse Way to me. I beleive Fosse Way is a huge road, one of the oldest roads in the UK. Fosse Way was originally a British road before it was classed as a Roman road. The Romans used this road as a main route in order to get to many different locations in the UK. Fosse Way dates back as far as AD43!.

This huge road goes through a lot of different parts of the UK, but the part closest to me, the part this guy was telling me to visit is situated in Brinklow, Rugby, UK. He said if he were into metal detecting that's the first place he would go. I might drive down there and take a look in a few days. It's about 40 miles from me.

One stretch of Fosse Way, im not sure which part, is said to be haunted by a marching Roman army. They have been seen a number of times by passing motorists. Everyone that has seen these ghosts have reported that the soldiers seemed to be walking on their knees. This is because the road as it is today is 3 feet higher then it was when the Romans marched along it all those years ago.

Anyway, this is a very old part of the UK, ideal for metal detecting, who knows what you might find there. There are thousands of old sites in the UK perfect for metal detecting. And dont forget, places don't always have to be old, beaches, fairgrounds, parks, almost anywhere that people go to, all these places are superb for metal detecting.. To find good stuff, someone has to of lost it in the first place!


cc-99 said...

haunted...i wont be going there to do any metal detecting.

Anonymous said...

fosse way is right by me

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