Thursday, 10 December 2009

Metal Detecting Junk

Metal Detecting Junk

I managed to get out metal detecting today at the new site i have been going to, with only an hour to hunt until it got dark. I made the most of this hour, digging a huge amount of holes. I had so many good signals that i just had to dig them all. Sadly, everything i found was junk. Things like shotgun cartridges, ring pulls, foil, a tyre gauge, even a full water tap!, their all there in abundance. Saying that, this new site is so big that even though today i found junk, i could go on another day and just walk in another direction that i have not yet metal detected. Who knows what might be there waiting for me.

As i was digging one signal, i unearthed what looks like an old glass scent bottle of some kind, i might be wrong, but whatever it is, it's old. Unfortunately it was also broken, but i took it anyway. The glass has a dull grey / green colour to it.

Until the next time..Which won't be long, knowing me.

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