Monday, 7 December 2009

More Rain | No Metal Detecting

More Rain | No Metal Detecting

It's been raining hard here for a few days now, which is not good for me and my metal detecting..It's never nice when you are stopped in your tracks from doing something you want to do, and have no control over making the weather nice. So i guess it's just a waiting game..

But there could be some good weather on the way - Metal Detecting weather! I want to go back to the new site i have been metal detecting as i have only been able to spend short amounts of time there so far. I'm always itching to go metal detecting, maybe im addicted to it! I suppose it's a good addiction to have.

I wonder how many millionaires have been made by finding the ultimate metal detector find..Well i know there is at least one: The unemployed guy that found all that Anglo-Saxon Gold in the UK. He found it with a 10 year old metal detector! lol..And apparently most of the gold was only a few inches under the ground. So theres one metal detector millionaire, but surely there has to be a few more?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a metal detectorist millionaire - i wish

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