Sunday, 11 July 2010

Roman Coins Haul Found In UK

Roman Coins Haul Found In UK

A man in England found 52,000 Roman Coins worth around £250,000 GBP! What an unbeleivable find. This guy is just an amateur metal detectorist that had a funny sounding signal and decided to dig it. What he found was a huge pot full of Roman Coins weighing in at 160KG. This ancient pot was buried under the ground approximately 12 - 14 inches deep.

The lucky guy, named Dave Crisp plans to split the money generated from the coins with the owner of the land from where they were found. This huge find will have metal detector sales rocketing again in the UK. The last time was when the huge amount of gold was found worth millions of pounds - which was only around 2 - 4 inches deep!. This recent Roman Coin find is free enthusiasm for all the metal detectorists ( including me) that have been too busy doing other things. Now I want to get out there and have a look around. There's valuable treasure out there!

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Anonymous said...

always seems to be britain with the real old finds

josh m said...

f-it im buying a metal detector

Anonymous said...

i wont give up without finding treasure

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