Thursday, 1 July 2010

June 2012 Hunt With The C-Scope CS1MX

June 2012 Hunt With The C-Scope CS1MX

Went out for a little hunt a few days ago to one of my usual spots. I didn't take a camera with me but I didn't find anything worth taking pictures of either. It was good to get out and have a look around. I was impressed with the CS1MX, it was very easy to tell the difference between a good signal and junk. Well, most of the time. I did have two really good signals that just had to be investigated, these both ended up being iron. One was a big iron lump and the other was some sort of nut that was lodged underneath a thick tree root!. All that Karate chopping for a nut!

But as most people who metal detect know, lumps of iron can fool even the best machines. The site I went to was very trashy and the CS1MX really did do a good job most of the time letting me know what was worth digging and what wasn't. When a signal is most probably junk the CS1MX with either give a jumpy signal that beeps numerous times or it will give a spitting signal. The only metal that seems to fool this machine every time is foil.

The only thing I found in abundance was used shotgun shell casings of different colours. They were everywhere. I plan of getting out again very soon to a new location. I think the CS1MX would work very well in a less trashy site. It would be nice to find a site that would allow me to use this machine in all metal mode with a brand new battery to get as much depth as possible.

Shotgun Shells!

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