Thursday, 20 January 2011

Forgotten Metal Detector Finds

Forgotten Metal Detector Finds

Here are some of my forgotten about metal detector finds that I have found over the time Ive been metal detecting. Most have just been put in my shed and left there, so I thought I should get them up on here for you to take a look at. As your probably aware, most of them are not very valuable, but some are quite interesting. There's some decent finds here. A fair few keepers. This post will be updated with new finds regularly, so keep checking back.

Pink Pigeon I.D Ring

Pigeon ID Code: GB 05 E12253

Silver Clasp Lock

Found this nice little clasp in a wooded area not very deep. It's solid silver and has the lion stamp and the letters A.S.J stamped on the back. Pretty neat find!

 Pigeon I.D Ring With Leg Bone Still Inside

 1971 Half Penny
1971 Half Penny

1971 Half Penny Back

I found this Wren Davis Ltd milk bottle a few months ago. It was quite deep down. I was searching for a signal and seen the top of this bottle in the hole so decided to dig it up. Wren Davis Ltd has been going since the 18th Century, but I think this bottle dates from the 1960's or 70's. It has Wren Davis Ltd in fancy writing on the front.

I found this old Gordons Special Dry London Gin bottle about a year ago. It was only about 2 inches under the ground. It's in excellent condition. I think this bottle dates to around the 1920's or earlier. It has a very strange dragons head at the base.

Established In 1769



I've been looking for years as I have it, too. Mine an aqua shard. I just uploaded a pic today.

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Anonymous said...

pigeon ring with a leg still inside lol WTF

Emma Rogers said...

Found a Gordon's gin bottle just like the one above. I was wondering if you have a more accurate date for it

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