Sunday, 7 November 2010

Latest Metal Detecting Search

Latest Metal Detecting Search

Been out having a little look around. I went into a seperate part (in the middle) of where I have found quite a few World War II bullet shells. I have never been in this part before, so I just wanted to have a quick look there. 

I didn't get to detect for very long as it was raining, and also here in the UK at the moment, with Winter here, it's starting to get dark at around 4 - 4:30pm.

Here is the site where I went to. I was detecting in the wooded area across the road.

As with all the sites I have been to in this area, they look clean from the outside, but they all hold there fair share of junk, mainly because there all surrounded by busy roads. So when people driving past throw there rubbish out of their car windows, it ends up being blown into these bushes by the wind. The amount of foil I found today was unbeleivable. And the bad thing is that foil gives off a very good signal on the Garrett Ace 250. I have to dig it because the digital read out is showing under the "pull tab" sign, which is also what gold happens to comes under..The "You have found gold" signal is what I have been hearing all day, only to be met with foil.

Foil Paper! My Worst Enemy. I did find much more then this, beleive me.

I also found quite a few big chunks of metal a few inches down.

This is some sort of aluminium handle. Not sure what it's off.

Found these glasses under some leaves. I remember when this style was in fashion in the early 90's. They look like John Lennon style glasses.

If rope was valuable I'd be rich. Found two huge bales of blue rope. Must of been dumped there by workers of some kind that didn't need it anymore. I think it was dumped by cable workers as there was a metal feeder with the rope. You can see it in the second picture, and that is something cable workers would use to feed the rope through a pipe.

Dumped Blue Rope With Red Feeder

While searching around I got a good signal that I decided to dig, and was met with a 1971 Half Penny Coin at around 4 inches deep. It's in fairly good condition.

1971 Half Penny

I didn't find much as this site, but at least I went and had a look there. I will probably go back to this site soon because I didn't have long enough there on this day, and there was much more land to search. I did find one more item at this site, which I think could be a Meteorite. I might be wrong, but it does have some of the characteristics of a Meteorite.  This post is getting a bit long so I'll make a new post dedicated to the strange stone I found.

Here is one picture of what I found. Read the post and view more pictures of this item.

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