Sunday, 7 November 2010

Is This A Meteorite?

Is This A Meteorite?

While I was digging a signal at this site, I was about 2 inches deep when this strange blue stone pops out. It wasn't the item giving me the signal, but it did make me stop digging. I wanted to see what this was, as it just looked strange and out of place.

Part of it is still a stone and the other part looks like it's been subject to a very high temperature. It goes from very dark blue to a very light sky blue. The stone part glistens, as if it's got little crystals embedded inside. This stone is not magnetic, and after doing some research on Meteorites, 99% of them are magnetic, but there is 1% that are not. 

The Meteorites that fall into the 1% are the more rarer and most valuable. I'm not sure if this is a Meteorite or not, but whatever it is, it looks weird. It looks like it's been burnt and ended up melting onto the sides of itself. If you look closely in some of the pictures you can see the blue remnants on the sides. Could this be the result of it travelling through the earths atmosphere..

I sent some pictures of the stone to a Meteorite expert and he said he had never seen one that looked like this, but could not rule out that it wasn't a Meteorite. He also said the only way to be certain is to send the item to the National History Museum for tests. I have tried to send them an email but there email form seems to be broken.

Is This A Meteorite?

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lomax said...

Interesting..Can somebody shed some light on it...

TreasureFiend said...

Cool, hope you get somekind of answer soon.

PMF said...

Thanks TreasureFiend.

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