Monday, 29 November 2010

Bad Weather For Metal Detecting

Bad Weather For Metal Detecting

Hello everyone. The weather here in the UK at the moment is just pure snow, and the temperatures have been as low as minus -18. This is not the type of weather for standing about outside metal detecting. Driving conditions are very dangerous, and my car is playing up due to the severe cold. so I don't really want to go too far out to metal detect incase I get stranded. There is a place close by to where I live though that I could walk to. It's about 5 miles from where I live and I have been meaning to go there and have a look at some point. This place does have history, there was a castle from the 1400 - 1500 Century about 1/4 mile from it, so this site would be situated at the back of the where the castle once stood..

I remember when I was younger, I was over at this site playing about, and I seen a guy with a metal detector, at the time I wasn't into metal detecting at all, didn't even know what one was infact. From what I remember of him he looked like he hadn't found anything. He didn't look very happy, but this was in the early 80's, so his metal detector was no way on the same level of todays machines. As you probably know if you follow this blog, or happened to read the big title at the top, I use the Garrett Ace 250, and I can't see a metal detector from the 1980's being more powerful then that. Hopefully no one has been over to this site metal detecting since the 80's..Maybe I'm wishful thinking, but if this is the case, I think I could have some luck. We shall see. Just got to find some time from somewhere now and I'll get over there.

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