Saturday, 9 October 2010

Metal Detecting Bullets Find

Metal Detecting Bullets Find

Been back to a few of my old metal detecting sites recently, in particular a site across the road from here, which was where I found an SL43 shell bullet casing. This area must have been fairly active in Word War II because I have found more bullets. One bullet was still live but it has snapped in half, probably due to how long its been buried for.

As you can see from the picture below, the bullet has never been fired, but has snapped in half. This bullet has "RL 39" and a little arrow symbol on the base but it's very hard to see.

Live Broken Bullet

Various WWII Bullets, except I'm not sure about the item on the far left..

This is the end of a rifle bullet. Not sure if it's been fired or not, but it looks like it hasn't. This bullet is much thinner, sharper and longer then the others I have found.

Another broken bullet found almost right next to the rifle bullet pictured above. It's not part of the rifle bullet as it's way too wide and looks like it's come from a handgun.
I might go back over to this site again soon when I have enough time. It seems as though there could possibly be a rifle or gun buried over there somewhere. No doubt it would be in bad condition if it's been lying there since World War II, specially with how mineralised the soil is there. Coins found there have holes going straight through them, but to find a weapon from WW2, whatever the condition, would still be a very neat find! I'm also pretty sure I found a bomb lol, no joke. It was totally smashed to bits, but was without a doubt still live. I could see the blue and white powder charge, just like the first picture in this post you can see the gun powder in the live broken bullet. Except in the bomb the powder looked much more heavy duty, similar to damp washing powder. The bomb shell was too smashed for me to take, but when I think about it now, I might go back over and get it, clean it up and take a few pictures of it, well, whats left of it. I know where abouts it was..
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Someone asked me if any old world war 2 bullets / shells are worth anything. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think so..Saying that, I'm sure there are collectors out there that would probably pay money for rare shells in good condition. Happy hunting!

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