Saturday, 4 September 2010

Half Penny Find

Half Penny Find

I found this very badly corroded 1922 Half Penny a few days ago. It's so badly corroded that it actually has two holes going straight through it. The site where I found this coin has lots of trash, and some parts of the site make the detector go crazy! The ground there differs so much every few feet.

Some signals were very annoying. I'd get a good signal, dig it for ages, then not be able to find what it was, even though the target had been dug up and is hiding in the soil somewhere..Turns out it's the smallest ball of metal you would ever see, or not see! I had about 7 of these digs. I did also find some up to date coins, 2 Pences, and two smaller half pennys dating from 1970.

I'm gonna go back to this site soon and give it one last look.

Check out the holy Half Penny dated 1922.

Until the next time.

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das said...

your find has seen better dayz hehe

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