Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Metal Detecting Site

New Metal Detecting Site

For a little while now I have had my eye on a place that I would like to go and metal detect. This site is a small piece of left over land in between two very busy Dual Carriage Way roads (Highways). My idea is that this small piece of land is the original land, and has not had a road built on top of it. I would think the surrounding roads where built many years ago, possibly in the 1960's or earlier.

Hopefully, this bit of land could hold some good finds. I was driving past the site today and decided to stop my car and have a look. I was dressed in smart clothes and did not have my metal detector with me, so it just had to be a look. From looking at the site I would say it looks excellent, and the soil there was very very soft. We have had some heavy rain here over the past few days, this has made it ideal for metal detecting. I best get over there.

I know I said the site looks excellent, but if there's one thing I have learnt since I started metal detecting, it's that a site can look excellent but can be totally rubbish. That also works the other way too. So Im not going to expect anything good, I'll just go over there within the next few days and see what it's like.

" If you don't go, You'll never know "

Will keep you posted. Fingers crossed.

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