Monday, 27 September 2010

Metal Detecting An Old Barn

Metal Detecting An Old Barn

Had my eye on this old abandoned barn for a little while. I wanted to metal detect the inside, just to ease my curious mind. Not sure how old the barn is, but it looks fairly dated.

I don't know of any more barns in the area but if I do happen to come accross one I'll try and find out who owns it so I can get in there and have a look around.

The Old Barn

Once I got inside this barn and got the metal detector out there was just none stop "beep" "beep" from the detector. Iron signals..My worst nightmare. They just never stopped, iron was everywhere..And that's all there was, JUNK. Nails and chunks of lead.

Inside The Barn

The ground in this barn was a few inches of sand, more inches of very hard clay, then it changed to a softer soil. The few other signals I did get that weren't iron related, where either lead or nails, there was just no getting away from it. I'd get a decent signal, only to dig it and see a rusty nail..

A Sheet Of Lead

A Rusty Nail For My Efforts

Check out the clay soil in this barn, it was solid to try and dig.

You can see here where the clay stops and a much softer dirt begins.

After this let down I went into the wooded area right next to this barn. It was getting late so I just had about 30 minutes in the woods. Sadly, I didn't find anything but junk. But at least the metal detector wasn't going off non stop like it was in the barn.

I managed to find a Nintendo Candy / Sweet box that looks like a game controller! Lucky me.

Not sure what this last item was. It was about 25 inches long, heavy, with a funny joint at one end. Could be off an old piece of machinery, or even possible an old fence.

Until the next time..

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes around old barns you can get lucky with cool finds, but you need to pretty much investigate every "beep". On my parents property there is an old barn foundation, probably over a hundred years old, I found a blacksmith-made hatchet head, the door to a Franklin stove, and a bunch of brass harness buckles. I managed to find one silver 1932 Mercury dime on the old dirt road that passes the barn ruins.

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