Friday, 24 September 2010

Old Medicine Bottles Find

Old Medicine Bottles Find

Not long ago I went over to a new site on a country lane. I didn't find anything, and the detector was going crazy with all the junk signals so I decided to leave. Before I left I did get a decent signal, so I thought I'd dig it and see what I came accross. After digging a fair way down I unearthed the corner of what the signal was. It looked like a huge square piece of metal. From what I could see it was junk, so I thought, forget digging it anymore, it's junk, it's massive, and not worth it, so that was the end of that.

When I got home the thought hit me..Was it a buried safe! The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself that it had a chance of being a safe because I didn't dig enough of it out the ground to reveal the whole thing, just a corner as it was huge. About the size of a washing machine. I was eager to go back over just to be sure that I didn't leave a safe.

So, after a few days I went back over there, and straight away I was digging. I dug the whole top of this item out the ground. It wasn't a safe, it was a huge square metal drum with a round hole through the middle. Probably worth a bit of money sold as scrap! Ah well, at least I went back and eliminated all doubt from my mind.

In the process of digging though I did find two, old and intact medicine bottles, or they could even be chemical storage bottles?. Not sure how old they are, but there both identical except for the colour. I might go back over this site again and just dig for glass bottles. There was also a very small old lemonade bottle, but sadly it was cracked so I left it.

Old Medicine Bottles

Both bottles have some numbers and "4 Oz" embossed on the base.

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New Orleans said...

Some bottles can be worth money..Keep digging em up!

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