Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Man Finds Roman Coin Hoard With Ace 150

A man who was a complete beginner to metal detecting went into a metal detector shop looking to buy his first metal detector. He didn't want to spend much being new to the hobby so the shops staff recommended a Garrett Ace 150. He bought the Ace 150 and off he went.

The man returned to the shop with 40 Solidi Gold Roman coins and asked "What do I do with this".  How about that for luck. The shops staff got all the necessary permits and permissions and went back to the site with archeologist's to conduct a professional dig of the area, which is located near St. Albans, UK. They found over 100 more Solidi Roman Gold coins. The find is said to be worth around £100,000 GBP.

Talk about location! It just goes to show, location means a hell of a lot when it comes to metal detecting. Also, Never underestimate the "Entry level" machines. Most, like the Garretts and C-Scopes are very capable of finding valuable items.

Read more about this find.

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