Monday, 2 November 2015

I Sold My C-Scope CS1MX Metal Detector

I'm Detectorless! After not being able to get out metal detecting for a while due to having too much other stuff going on, I decided to sell my C-Scope CS1MX Metal Detector. It was just sitting there month after month so I thought I'd sell it and get another one in the future. A better one. Although I haven't had much time to get out and detect, another thing that has stopped me is lack of detecting permissions and new land to detect on.

I suppose you could say, well you gotta get out there and knock on doors, make new contacts, join detecting clubs etc. But I haven't had even the time to get out and metal detect on ground that's free to detect on without permissions. And it takes even more time and effort to do the rest of the things I mentioned, like knock on farm owners doors, join clubs etc. No excuses though, I need to put more effort in, but free time is rare lately.

Maybe that will change in the future. But anyway, I sold my metal detector on eBay and got £117 for it. Not bad I suppose beings that I paid about £150 for it brand new and had a good few years of use out of it. Would I buy another CS1MX? Probably not to be honest. I'd like to give something else a try next time. Maybe an older Minelab or Tesoro will be next for me. One things for definite, I have not lost interest in metal detecting.

There have been a few news reports here in the UK over the past few months where people have had some unbelievable finds. Mostly the finds have been hoards of roman / medieval coins. But there was also a gold coin find. Treasure is out there! Even talking about it make me want to buy a new metal detector! I will be back with a new (old) one soon. As mentioned, I love the old Minelab's and Tesoro's so might buy one of them next. Stay tuned and happy hunting.

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