Monday, 16 January 2012

Good Service From

Good Service From

I bought my C Scope CS1MX from, and I must say, the guy who I dealt with was very helpful. There was a problem with the delivery of my item where it was sent to the wrong house. Not just to my next door neighbours but 5 doors down! Subtech were straight on the phone to C-Scope. At this time I wasn't aware that the item was sitting in my neighbours house 5 doors down because I didn't recognise the name of the person who signed for the detector on delivery. Subtech came back to me and said if the items lost C-Scope will send you another one. Anyway, in the end I found out where my detector had been delivered to and I went down and collected it.

But because of all the hassle Subtech phoned C-Scope and managed to get me a free pair of headphones, which I really need! On my first outing with the CS1MX I had to use earphones! What a pain in the *ss that was. So full marks to Subtech, they were very quick to sort out any problems and were also very quick to keep me informed and answer my questions by email. I'd definitely use them again. Highly recommended.

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