Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Snow: No Metal Detecting

More Snow: No Metal Detecting

Bad news for anything metal detecting related::: More Snow! Just as it was starting to clear up a little, it's back and hasn't stopped falling for 18 hours. It's not thick snow but it's been snowing for so long that everythings turned white again.

I haven't been metal detecting since last year. That makes it sound really long, but in reality it's only a few weeks, but jeeez, it feels like ages! I turned on the metal detector the other day, just because it's been turned off for quite a while, and i thought i best give it a power up. I turned it on and thought, "I'll leave it on for five minutes....I ended up getting side tracked, forgot all about turning the metal detector on, and left it on, unknowingly for about 10 hours! Well, at least it got a work out.

If this weather keeps up i might just have to go out metal detecting in the snow.

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Anonymous said...

spring / summer round the corner

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