Monday, 27 August 2012

A Kynoch Bullet Metal Detecting Day

One of the sites I went to recently was a place that I have been to before and swore I would never go back there because I didn't find anything except junk. The reason I went back to this site is that it's such a big wooded area that I thought this time I would just try another part. It proved to be more of the same, lots of junky objects like big old battered toys, foil, shotgun shells etc. It's a really strange hunting site in some ways because it looks like there would be so many treasures there. The site is surrounded by moats and I'm not sure how long the moats have been there but moats in the UK can be a sign that people from the past used that land to live on. Moats served as a form of protection in the earlier centuries.

I could be wrong about this site though and those moats might not be very old and could actually be much more up to date. They could have been made for drainage / flood prevention purposes for when the rain gets bad. Anyway, I'm convinced there is something good somewhere on this site and I will be going back there pretty soon. I did come across a small patch with some really good signals. All the signals ended up being Kynoch bullet shells, 5 of them to be exact. Someone must have stood in that spot and let off 5 shots at something..

Used Kynoch ELEY .410 Bullet Shells

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