Sunday, 29 July 2012

More Metal Detecting July 2012

Had a few days out metal detecting lately. Nowhere special in terms of location but still, it's been good to get out and have a look around with the CS1MX. I'm actually quite liking this detector. I'm not sure how deep it can go in real soil but none of my finds have been very deep. This makes me wonder if the detector just doesn't detect very deep or if there was no deep items in the places I was detecting, who knows. Anyway, I have found so many different items, most of which were junk. Big iron lumps, tiny bits of metal like rivets etc, and even a very old football boot! It must have been from the 50s or 60s. The brand name of the boot was Winit. Never heard of it before.

Strangely enough I did not find any coins at all, not one. I did have one deep signal by the edge of a stream bank which got me excited. It ended up being a long iron pole that was embedded so much that I had to dig a huge hole to get it out the ground. My only decent find from all the hunting was a gold coloured lighter! When I unearthed it my belly went up! I thought I'd actually, once and for all finally struck real gold. Sadly it wasn't to be and it was just a gold coloured lighter. It's not very old and it doesn't seem to want to work, but still an OK find.

I'm going out metal detecting again soon, got some new sites in mind. I need to get a pin pointer because sometimes the C-Scope CS1MX is way off in terms of the target being in the middle of the coil. I have to dig some large holes. It can be hard to locate items with this detector. I suppose a pin point button would help a great deal. Where's the Garrett Ace 250 when you need it.. That being said, both have their good and bad points, but both are good detectors. Until the next time folks.

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