Monday, 9 July 2012

Why Is My Detector Bleeping Like Crazy

Why Is My Detector Bleeping Like Crazy

It's a very common question for many new metal detectorists to ask. You get your nice new metal detector, turn it on, and it goes crazy. Hopefully this post should answer some of your questions and fix the issue. Metal detectors are prone to interference from a wide range of electrical appliances and equipment.

Things to consider to determine why your detector is going crazy.

The most common cause: Turning your metal detector on in your house. There is so much electrical interference in your house. Holding your detector too near, or even just in the path of items like televisions, computers, Internet routers, Microwaves, will make your detector goes crazy with signals. Even holding the search coil near the floor can make it sound off. Some concrete floors contain metal, and wooden floors that use floorboards contain nails.

Maybe there is some metal stuck to the detector coil that your not aware of. It may seem like a silly problem that never happens but to be honest it has happened to me in the past. Stuck in between my scuff / coil cover and the coil itself was a tiny piece of foil that was making my detector go nuts every time I turned it on.

Outdoor electrical interference from power lines and phone masts can also make a metal detector act erratic so make sure your not too close to any of these structures while testing your detector or trying to find items in the ground.

Are the metal detectors settings too high, like the sensitivity etc. Turn it down to see if this calms the detector down.

If none of these  suggestions fix the issue then maybe your metal detector could have a fault. Get it looked at by the manufacturer.

Anyone have any other suggestions for a crazy detector..Let me know!

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