Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I Found 12 Pence Last Night With My Metal Detector!

I Found 12 Pence Last Night!

I went out with my metal detector last night, late at night and found 12 Pence lol. The detector (Ace 250) was going crazy.!! I couldn't walk one step without it giving me a good signal. A few stella bottle tops, and a few ring pulls later i found 12 p. I also found a 2 pence that was chewed to bits...Maybe from one of those lawn mowers that the council drive when cutting the grass. But i know there is much more stuff there as i only searched about 2% of the whole green area. It was just too dark and too cold to carry on any longer. Im gonna go back on there one of the days or nights and give it a good search.

The Garrett Ace 250 Is a very good Metal Detector. Sensitive as hell. I know if anythings under the ground where i search the Garrett finds it. Even tiny objects. Until next time.

I don't think it's worth me taking pictures of a dirty 12 Pence, but when i find something good i will post a picture of it on here. Peace.

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