Thursday, 15 October 2009

I Found A Coin Metal Detecting

Yeah, i went out yesterday on a metal detecting mission, and as well as finding the bottom of a few cans and lots of foil, i found a coin!. Don't get excited, it was only an old ½ Pence piece, which was badly corroded. I could just about make out what it was.

Im planning to go back to where i found it. There were some nice open fields that i want to have a go on. You never know i might get lucky.

I will keep at it, i do not give up easily. I really want to find some gold, because i know once i do, i'll be hooked forever..

I bought a fold up mini spade from ebay, took it with me on my hunt, used it for a few minutes and ended up breaking it! It looked tough enough but it just couldn't handle the tough ground and my brute force. I emailed the seller and told him it bust straight away and he said it much have been defective and gave me a full refund. The spade is still useable, even though its bent you can still dig with it. I will wait till it gives way completely then get a new one...Trying to find a mini spade is hard work, the only ones i managed to find were the fold away ones and there not too good..

Until the next time...

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