Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hot Rocks!

Hot Rocks!

Went and had a little metal detect the other day....It was the maddest i have been since getting the detector..Digging up looads of junk, it was a cold day, i kept on tripping over the headphone wire as its so long. Not a good day.

I was detecting in a wooded area, but then decided to move onto the farmers field and try my luck there. Straight away i was getting good signals.........Yes! i thought. After digging and digging there was no metal item to be seen. I left that hole and started scanning the ground again. Within a few swings of the detector i had another good signal, this time i wasn't going to stop until i found was it was. After digging for ages, the signal went away, so whatever the object was, it was now in the dirt already dug up.

After looking and looking though all the dirt i started throwing stones toward the coil and one of them made a beep! It's what ive found out to be called a HOT ROCK. It's like a hollow stone that has some sort of metal in it, and they are a pain in the ass. Totally worthless. I wasted so much time on them.

Steer clear of the hot rocks.


Anonymous said...

meteorites. said...

Hi, I wish they were Meteorites but there not. Hot rocks are not meteorites, there much more hollow, and much lighter.

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