Saturday, 24 October 2009

Metal Detecting - Shotgun Cartridges

Metal Detecting - Shotgun Cartridges

Metal detecting last week in some woods. Searched high and low but didn't find anything except SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES! Loads of them..All that was left of them was the metal end, the rest had rotted away. Quite annoying really, because once you got used to the sound the metal detector was making when it found a cartridge, you would get another, different sound. So you had to dig it.. ~Only to be met with another shotgun cartridge but made by a different company that must of used a different type of metal then the previous ones i had found.

 The only thing I truly found on this day was, the Garrett Ace 250 is one hell of a good metal detector, capable of finding tiny pieces of metal quite far down. I know that sooner or later i will find something good!


tez said...

shotgun shells are a pain. garrett 250 are swell. happy hunting

Anonymous said...

the ace 250 is the best ever! I have one and i go hunting with friends, they have spend double the dollars on more high tech machines but comparing them to my ace in the field they find the same things and at the same depth. Ace 250 forever!

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