Friday, 23 July 2010

Latest Metal Detecting Finds

Latest Metal Detecting Finds

It's been a while since I made a post about my own metal detector finds. I have been going metal detecting, but just not really finding much of interest. It's mainly been junk. My luck might be starting to change though because I have found a few decent finds over the past week or so. I've been on a mission of elimination, crossing the sites I want to hunt off the list, visiting them one by one. The first site was a wooded area that I drive past regularly, and always say to myself ,"I bets there's something good in there". Well, I went over to find out. What I found was lots of junk, although from looking at the site from a distance, you would never of thought that. It just looked like a nice, clean wooded area. It was anything but clean. I found a huge amount of empty condom packets, foil, cans, bottle tops, and loads of other bits of junk.

I did manage to find an up to date Two Pound Coin near a big oak tree about 2 - 4 inches down. It was like someone had been lying against the tree and a Two Pound coin fell out of their pocket. This could have happened over 10 years ago as the £2 coin is dated 1998. That was my best find on this day. The coin is in bad condition beings that it's a newer coin. It seems like the newer coins corrode more badly compared to the older ones..

While hunting around £2 richer I had some strange signals by another tree, and It came to mind that people must have been over this site, possibly sitting down, leaning up various trees. I decided to dig the strange signals and came accross bits off an aztec style chain or bracelet. It's not gold or silver, more like base metal of some kind..

So, not a bad day really. As long as I find something, and got to give the detector a work out, I'm always happy with that. By the amount of junk over this site I don't think I'll be going back there in a hurry. At least my curiosity about this site has been seen to. Sometimes the places where you think would be really good for metal detecting are terrible, and the places you think are a joke turn out to be really good..You just never can tell about a site until you go over and find out.

Like I say almost every time I write a post after using the Garrett Ace 250. It's a great detector. I actually dug a strong signal that ended up being a foot deep! It ended up being an old bottle top, but that just shows, the Ace 250 can find small objects pretty deep down.

I have got my eye on a few other sites so stay tuned, more finds to come.

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