Wednesday, 25 April 2012

C-Scope CS1MX Metal Detector Air Test

C-Scope CS1MX Metal Detector Air Test

Today I done a quick air test with my C-Scope CS1MX. The test was done with the metal detector in all metal mode and at full power with a slight hum coming through the speaker. The battery's that were used have had about 5 hours use before this test was carried out. This was just a quick air test using items that I had close to hand. The depth was decided when the signal was repeatable both ways. Anything less like a choppy or one sided signal was dismissed.

My results were as follows:

Medium Sized Silver chain: 7 Inches

2 Pence Piece: 8 Inches

1 Pence Piece: 7 Inches

Children's Small Gold ring: 6½ Inches

Musket Ball: 9 Inches

1 Euro Cent: 6 Inches

The results might have been a bit better if I was using a brand new battery. Not bad results though considering the metal detectors price.

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Anonymous said...

Do another airtest with a new battery if you have time. Much appreciated if you can.

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