Friday, 1 January 2010

Metal Detecting In The New Year

~With all the holidays, Xmas, new year, and even the bad weather etc, it's been very hard for me to do any metal detecting. I just haven't had the time. But with the new year just starting i want to have some good finds. I plan to get busy this year with metal detecting. Because i haven't been out for a while, i feel eager and really want to get out and find something..

I was watching a video on Youtube today, about some guy showing his metal detecting finds for certain months of 2009. This guys had some seriously good finds, lots of them too! Mostly old coins,  gold and silver rings, and odd bits of jewelry. I'm yet to find any gold or silver.

I'm going to try and go to many different locations this year..Because there's one thing that is key to successful metal detecting, and that's location. You can buy the best metal detector in the world, but if your not metal detecting in good locations you won't find a thing. That is why i am going to travel to different places this year.

I would like to find some of the old hammered coins, so maybe i will try and find some old roman sites. I was over at Kenilworth Castle the other day (Not metal detecting), but the thought came to me while i was there. The castle has been there for about 600 - 700 years i beleive. Just think of how many items could be lost there, buried under the ground, waiting for me to find them. I'm not sure if people are allowed to metal detect there, but im going to look it up on the internet and see if i can contact someone who is in charge of the castle or surrounding grounds. I'm sure that the grounds of Kenilworth Castle have some hidden treasures!


Tom said...

I was thinking the same thing about Kenilworth Castle. I want to know if metal detecting is allowed there..Are you local to that area

PMF said...

Hi there Tom, and everyone else that has landed on this page from google searches. I know theres a few of you there were wondering the same thing as me..Metal Detecting at Kenilworth Castle: Is it allowed?

Ok, i have been in contact with Kenilworth Council who forwarded my email to the people that run kenilworth castle. The short answer is NO, Metal detecting is NOT allowed at Kenilworth Castle. Staffed or unstaffed it's not allowed.

The person went on to say that metal detecting not allowed on any English Heritage site.

They also reminded me that it was a criminal offence to damage any Ancient Monument (in this case by digging holes!).

Well looks like thats a total no go then.

Quite disappionting...But hey, theres many other places to go.

They did reply quick and i thank them for letting me know so fast

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