Monday, 26 July 2010

Garretts Out Hunting Again

Garretts Out Hunting Again

I went out for a quick hunt with my Garrett Ace 250 in the park. I can't resist lately, any spare time and I'm out hunting around. I don't think it's actually a park I went to, but more an open grass field that people use to play football, walk dogs etc. I only had about 1 hour so just had a enough time to dig a few targets. Pull tabs and football boot studs were everywhere, some quite deep too, and beings that they give the same signal on the Ace 250 as gold gives, I had to dig them all. I didn't find any gold, but did manage to find a very dark coloured One Pound Coin about 2 inches deep. I also found a 5p, and just as I dug the hole and peeled back the soil there was a little plastic Scottish Terrier dog pendant staring at me.

Not a bad site, but quite a lot of trash. Saying that, I think amongst the junk there could be some lost jewelry somewhere as the site is used by a lot of people on a daily basis. I might go back there again soon.

Scottish Terrier Plastic Dog Pendant found in a hole.

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