Thursday, 26 November 2009

Metal Detecting - Found The Same Item

Metal Detecting - Found The Same Item

Went out for another little metal detect today, being pushed for time, and with it getting dark here at about 4pm, I only had 1 hour yet again to have a look around. I went back to the same place I was at yesterday, and as the title says, i found the same type of item that I  found yesterday, except where the one yesterday had green plastic inside, this one has white.

There was also lots of foil that I did not come accross yesterday. I must of dug around 15 signals in the time I was there..11 of them were foil!, the other two where phantom signals, I could not find what they were..I think these two phantoms where due to soil mineralization, but i could be wrong.

Here is the item i found today. Same thing as yesterday but with white plastic. I think this could be a screw top for some kind of petrol cannister because inside the middle around the sides there is a thread, so it looks like it's the top for something to screw onto. Weird top!

This is another item i found today. Im not sure what it is, but its a weird item. The metal circle goes through the straight metal on one side, but is welded on the other..Do you know what it is?

Until the next time...


Anonymous said...

hmmmm..strange finds..

Tommy said...

I think ur correct. The first find is a top for a flammable container, possibly from the 70's?

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