Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Metal Detector Find

Metal Detector Find

I went out for a quick metal detect today, after not going out with it for a while i thought the detector needed a little workout. I only had about an hour or so to metal detect before it went dark. I went back to a spot where i have been before, back to the first place i went metal detecting when i first bought the Garrett Ace 250. This time i strayed off from where i was before, which had lots of junk and foil in the ground, and i went into a wooded area that i have never hunted before. Straight away i had strong signals, i thought maybe it was foil, but thought what the hell, i haven't been out with the detector for a while and i don't mind digging anything! Anyway i dug away and came accross a big square piece of dirty metal. Yes it was junk, but i was happy that it was something different to foil as most of the surrounding area has so much foil it's annoying.
I threw that to one side and carried on metal detecting, i couldn't swing the detector more then twice without getting a signal..So i started digging again, about 2 feet away from the previous hole where i found the square metal sheet. I dug down pretty deep and was having trouble locating whatever it was giving me the signal. After some more digging i seen something poking out the side of the hole, pulled it out and thought, "what the hell is that". This object looked like an old motorcycle helmet, the old ones that use to be made of just leather, with two eye holes that had a metal rim and plastic lenses inside! It was not intact so i just threw it to one side and carried on metal detecting.

By this stage i was happy, it been a while since ive been out with the detector, and im actually finding items other then foil. I decided to walk without swinging the detector for about 20 meters, just to look in a different area. Once i started swinging the detector i got another signal..I pinpointed this signal because it was something pretty small (The Garrett Ace 250 Pinpoint function works really well). The detector indicated that this item was about 4 inches deep, so i dug down, and pretty quickly found what it was..It looks to me like an old part from a heater or lamp? But im not sure because the green inside is plastic, and the base has no holes, except one the has been stabbed into it (See Pic). What is it? Any ideas.. I thought i'd take it with me anyway. The place where i went today seems pretty good and there's much more ground to search there, i only had a bit of time today, but i'll go back there when i have more time to spare. I'll keep you posted.


dunny said...

no idea what that is....

UrLossIsMyGain said...

appears to be a flammable / irritant liquid bottle top from some time in 1970+. could be wrong

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