Friday, 13 November 2009

Metal Detectors And Rain Dont Mix

Metal Detectors And Rain Dont Mix

I have been itching to get out with the metal detector over the past few days, but the rain is so bad that it's not worth even trying. I don't think it would be enjoyable anyway in the rain...Having to scan, put the detector on the wet muddy floor, then dig in the wet mud, possibly getting on your knees..In the mud..Soaking wet! Then all that just to find a rusty nail..Hmmm..I think I'll wait until the weather gets a little better. I don't want to break the Garrett Ace 250.

I know there are add-ons you can buy for the Garrett Ace 250, like the cover for the box and coil etc. But with the rain the way it is, it's not worth going out metal detecting full stop. The rain is that bad.

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