Monday, 30 November 2009

Metal Detecting: Glass Find

Metal Detecting: Glass Find

On my travels whilst metal detecting with the Garrett Ace 250 i came accross a site within some bushes that was totally littered with random pieces of junk metal, loads of them. Within all this metal were loads of old glass bottles, so as i would dig the metal signals i would come accross old buried bottles..I will have to go back to this site (Bottle Dump?) when i get some time. Many of the bottles were damaged, i think i even broke a few being as eager as i am to unearth things!

Some of the broken bottles, some of the small ones, were so nice that i was tempted to take them, but i didn't. With them being broke i thought i don't want to take home pure rubbish, if they were intact i would of took them all home. There are still loads of old glass bottles on this site. Here is one i managed to unearth intact! It's pretty small, about 3 ½ inches high. It must be old because it has blunt glass spikes all over it, except for a smooth, round middle piece in the center, which i presume was where an old sticker or label was stuck on.

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gaz said...

looks like glass from the 50s-60s era

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