Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mini Coin Spill Discovery

Mini Coin Spill Discovery

For a while now I have been trying to think of some more places i could go and do some metal detecting. I have had this one place in mind for a week or two. It's another wooded area on the side of many farmers fields. Today i thought "Lets go and take a look", so i went over there. The weather has been wet here, so crossing the soggy fields to get to this wooded area was a bit of a pain. I finally got to the woods, carrying half the field with me on my shoes! Once i got into the woods i was impressed by the size of it, this would take a long time to search fully..Probably months. Yet again, I only had about an hour before it got dark, but decided to take a look around before even getting my metal detector out of the bag, as this was my first time there and i wanted to find my bearings.

Once i had a look around i got the detector out and started having a hunt around deep in the woods. Straight away i was getting signals..The first few were junk, so i decided to move from that area and go back on myself, more towards the entrance that i took into the woods. As soon as i swung the coil - beep beep - Good signals..After digging only about an inch i found a few items in the one spot, two were total junk, a small chunk of lead and a piece of metal. The other item i found looks like an old brooch or badge?. It was bent in on itself, but you could still see it was something old, you could also clearly see the pin attachment on the back was broken, but i took it anyway. It's not gold or silver, it feels like very thin "tin" like metal. I have bent it back in to shape: You can click on any of my images to enlarge the picture.

After digging the last few signals and finding this brooch, or whatever it is..It was almost dark, so i decided to get myself back to the entrance i used to get into the woods. Once i got there i thought i would have once last metal detect before i broke the Ace 250 down and put it away. One swing of coil and i got erradic beeping! One small area had a few mixed sounding signals. I brushed away the bits of leaves and wood, then ran the coil over the area again. The Ace 250 said the signals were only 2 inches or less, so all i done was just scrape the surface with my mini spade, and straight away seen a coin staring at me! My heart started to race, i thought "it must be some old coin", but it wasn't to be. It was just a 2p Coin dated 2003!. I scanned the area again and found another two 1p coins..Someone had had a cheapo coin spill!. Just my luck! I was still happy though.

This new woods i was in today is massive, and to find what i did today after only having an hour was very impressive. I have not even looked, or metal detected half a percent of this huge area, i literally only had a few swings of the coil. I think this new place has some serious potential for some good finds. Here is my 4p!

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