Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Worst Day Metal Detecting

Worst Day Metal Detecting

I have had the worst day i have ever had metal detecting. I wanted to go and hunt two sites, one that ive never been to before and one where i have found a few coins in the past. Both turned into a disaster. The first site, the one ive never hunted before was just too hard to get to. Stinging nettles and big thorn bushes where all over the place, blocking every possible way of getting in there. And to top it all off the whole place was protected by a moat! I had my dog with me and didn't want him to get thorns in his paws. This place was seriously thorny.

So after this i thought i would go to my usual site, the one where ive found a few coins amoungst other things. Bad news, It's been blocked off by the guy who owns the surrounding fields! The gate that i have to go through so i can cross the field to get to this wooded area has been locked, so now i can't even go there.

Basically the metal detector didn't even get taken out of the bag! I'm really going to have to find some new sites. I cannot beleive that, i wouldn't of minded if i hadn't found anything but got the chance to actually do some digging..But to not even get one go of the detector, now that's the worst day ever.

I'm going to think of some new places.


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Well that's rotten!
Wishing I had a metal detector,

A1Digger said...

Ive had some bad days, but never as bad as not getting a coil swing

Anonymous said...

Just take the good with the bad

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