Monday, 15 August 2011

Metal Detecting In August

Metal Detecting In August

It's been a while since I have been able to get out with the metal detector. I have wanted to but for one reason or another it hasn't been possible. Mainly due to work and other commitments. I managed to get out the other day to have a little hunt around in a wooded area.

It's the same old story for me though, every site I see from afar that looks great always ends up being trashy as hell.

As soon as I turned the Ace250 on it was going crazy with signals. This site is just swamped with foil and other bits of junk like ring pulls. I turned the sensitivity down and adjusted the discrimination settings but it was still hard not to end up digging junk because of the good sounding signals. But hey, one of those junk signals could of been something good..Sadly, today it wasn't to be.

Found this car sign about 2 inches deep. I think it's off a diesel Ford car or van. I think it should read TCDI or TDCI, but I just found the TC.

More Junk: A metal lid found very shallow

The story of this site: Ring pulls grow on trees here. There were so many signs of the 1970's at this site. Things like the style of the ring pulls, old car seats, 70's bottle tops etc. But nothing older then that.

An 1970's TIZER bottle top. My find of the day!

I'm planning on trying to get out more to go metal detecting. I'm even thinking of changing my detector. I have had the Ace250 for almost 2 years now, time flys! And I feel like a change. I have been reading about the Minelab Musketeer XS Pro and it seems to be a very good detector that's well within my price range. I also have my eye on an old XP Pro Compass. I was reading some of the reviews on this old detector and many of the experienced detectorists say it's an excellent machine. Not sure which one to go with. I might wait a while until I get enough money and just go all out and buy either a Minelab Sovereign GT, or an XP Goldmaxx Power..Or possibly a Minelab Musketeer Advantage. Stay tuned folks.

Check out this strange caterpillar I spotted. It's mostly all fur.
Strange Caterpillar: Someones lost their eyebrow

Strange Caterpillar

Strange Caterpillar

Until the next time.

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