Friday, 30 October 2009

Found More Junk

Found More Junk

Im really going to have to change the places im going as all that seems to be there is junk. Was out yesturday in a small wooded area, right next to lots of farmers fields. I found nothing but junk. Things like, FOIL! Big pieces of rotten metal, and what looked like a hub cap from an old Mini car. Looked like a UFO.

 I am going to have to start going to other places, like parks, playing fields, places that the public frequent a lot. Might have more chance of actually finding something worth taking a picture of....Something worth money!


Anonymous said...

Some people get lucky and find valuble items on their first few hunts. Others don't. All will get lucky at one time or another. Stick with your hunting, be patient. Luck has a habit of coming around.

rex said...


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